one act play

One-act play

title ...: Lier Lier...!

Y u did it with me...

What ???

you donnt know abt wat m i talking...


After doing thing still you donn rememba thing ?

Darling that'z not wat i taught u...


Yeah that'z look beautiful..

u were knwin i love 2 see this smile alwz..


Yy u did...


Wat ??

u are still blind abt my .....

Y u played Role play of love wid me...

If u were nt loving me...

Y didnt u just told me ..

Tat u dont love me bt just need u fo work..

thn also i would have been given u all thing
Wateva u ever demanded from me..

Bt u jus wanted 2 make fun of my feeling..

Never mind

Atleast my tender flowerish feelin'z were useful fo yo fun..

Never mind..

I can understand d importance of your lough

Y ??


U never loved me?

After i made u d song of my heart...

Y u did it wid me...

Was i that much fool...

No i wasnt..

Bt i jus let my self to bcm fool from you...

Coz i never thought us as apart ..

But u...



I was never Broken hearted... Love was my best frnd.. Bt... You.. Lied lied

But .. I wasnt lier lier lier...

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