good morning quotes | good morning SMS | good morning pictures

good morning quotes | good morning SMS | good morning pictures
1 "Love ur self, roam with ur understanding, romance with dreams, get engaged with simplicity,marry genuineness, divorce the ego. Thats life..Gud morng

2 Experience makes one modified.Training makes one qualified.But, Involvment alone makes everyone Satisfied!So do all work with involvment.G'Mrng!

3 The sweet smell of fragrance mrng going to blow in guidance of rising sun on the path of time to give the best start of ur i wish u a good day

4 Best Thought:"the person who luv u most will trouble n irritate u the maximum,bt whn u drop a tear,he will fight wid the world to stop ur tears."gud mrng

5 Victory always starts in the head..It is a state of mind..It then spreads with such radiance n affirmation tht destiny can do nothing but obey.GMrng!

6 There are OnlyTwo people whocan Tell U the Truth About Urself..!"A Friend who has Lost his Temper and an Enemy Who starts Loving you". G'Mrng

7 If d Path is Beautiful ask wher it leads...But if the destination is beautiful dont ask hw is the path.Let us find our goal & keep walking....Gud Mrng

8 When Kids learn to walk, they keep falling; but to them its not failing, its learning.So there's nothing called failure. Evrythng is a Lesson.GooD MorninG

9 Life is cricket, Dont lose ur wicket,Try 2 get century,Never 4get ur boundry,Even if u r run out, Never become mood out,BeCOZ GOD Is 3rd umpire.good morning

10 Wen u thnk u hv no chance of gtng wat u wnt, u probably wont gt it. Bt if u believe in ur self, probably.. sooner or later, u will gt it..GM

11 Life will be pleasant if we are satisfied with what we have.But will be more thrilling if we make effort to achieve what we deserve..G'Mrng

12 Patience with others is Love,Patience with self is Hope,Patience with God is Faith.Celebrate this beautiful day ! Good Morning

13 DEW on ROSES are the TEARS of NIGHT to give way to the MORNING LIGHT.I keep them in my PALM,close my EYES & wish you a very special "GOOD MORNING".

14 Sara jaha hai jiski sharan me,Naman hai us prabhu k charan me,Bane hum us prabhu k charno ki dhul,Aao mil kar chadhaye shradha k ful.GM

15 A man is not finished... when he is defeated. He is finished when he QUITS. So never QUIT because winners never quit and quitters never Win.G'Mrng!

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